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DENTAL LD is directed by Dr. Leonel Dorantes Guzmán who has extensive experience in dental rehabilitation, using CEREC OMNICAM CAD/CAM system technology, which is not only surprising in its time, but in the quality and precision it provides, It also allows to design and create the seal of naturalness in each dental piece, and most importantly the patient takes home in a short time a dental aesthetic that provides the desired functionality.

In 2013, el Dr. Leonel Dorantes Guzmán brings for the first time to Baja California Sur the German technology of  Dentsply Sirona, the CEREC OMNICAM CAD/CAM, team, thereby being a pioneer in providing this technology to South Californians and / or everyone patient residing in our beautiful state, established in the city of La Paz, BCS, and after having 15 years exercising this beautiful and noble profession, Dr. Leonel Dorantes Guzmán is today an expert in Hi-Tech CEREC technology.

We have a long list of patients satisfied with completed cases of dental treatments with CEREC, some of them have publicly provided their testimony about their case and experience as patients of DENTAL LD.

They should know that what characterizes us are patients satisfied by desired results achieved, in each dental piece the experience is printed, the taste for rehabilitation, the touch of naturalness, brightness and freshness that each patient desires is deposited; taking a rejuvenating feature, enamelling, filling with light and refreshing the most pleasant window of each face, the key to all doors, the smile.

In Dental LD ​​we know how to treat each patient in such a way that they are taken by the hand from their first appointment until their required service is concluded, any questions are resolved in advance of each treatment, and the required follow-up and maintenance is given. We have the “Dental plans” scheme for cases of total rehabilitation, if the patient so desires, and for those who require specific services in Endodontics, Periodontics and Maxillofacial, the specialist indicated in the branch is immediately scheduled to attend To our patients.

If you are looking for HIGH QUALITY, we have it! … Do not wait any longer and visit by scheduling your appointment … Remember … a crown, the same day and it’s ready!

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